Facebook Accounts: Aged BM $350 created 2010-2019 | Buy wholesale Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, discord,Twitter,Telegram
Facebook Accounts: Aged BM $350 created 2010-2019

Facebook Accounts: Aged BM $350 created 2010-2019

The price:¥ 533.00
Commodity description-商品描述


Registaration date:
Account name alphabetLatin
Registaration IP GeoNo
Email verificationYes
Email registrationNo
Email adress inclusionNot Included
Phone registrationNo
Phone verificationNo

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BM invitation link


BM is selling as an invitation link for adding additional administrator. Please, note that you need the account to connect it to BM. The account to which you plan to add the BM must be warmed up, and we also recommend that you periodically make backup links to add an additional administrator so as not to lose access to the BM, in case if the social account will send to the checkpoint. Registered in 2010-2019 Daily spending limit - $350

 Please Note the Format of Credentials for the Accounts: link to add additional administrator After adding BM on your account you need to delete other administrators.