Telegram account:tdata format //European number //Manual registration //Applicable to computer + mobile APP | Buy wholesale Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, discord,Twitter,Telegram
Telegram account:tdata format //European number //Manual registration //Applicable to computer + mobile APP

Telegram account:tdata format //European number //Manual registration //Applicable to computer + mobile APP

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Reminder: The delivery format of the account is a download link, just copy the link to the browser to download the compressed package

This number is the finished product number, and the first login can only be done with a computer. If you want to use a mobile phone to log in, you can find the phone number on the computer, log in on the phone, and the computer will receive a verification code. Enter the verification code on the phone. logged in. If you do not receive the verification code, please update the APP

How to ensure account security: Open Settings - Security and Privacy - Enable Two-Step Verification - Set a login password (it is strongly recommended to enable it, and other people cannot log in after it is enabled)

Account secondary password: DISNESUPPORT01

一. Precautions for account use

On the way, we suggest that you have one account and one IP. Every time you log in and switch accounts, you need to re-switch the IP and clear the browser cache. In case the account is banned due to batch login by detection, the account will not be sold due to repeated batch login of ip, please read it carefully!


二. After sales

1. Log in as soon as possible within one hour or a short time after purchase

2. We guarantee that the accounts are all official supply accounts, and there is no problem in standard use!

3. The system will automatically delete the record if it is sold out and will never be sold again.

4. After the account is logged in normally, the title is not within the scope of after-sales due to human reasons.

5. If there is a problem with the first login of the purchased account, you can contact the customer service to solve it. It is not the first login that cannot be sold.

6. If you have other questions, you can consult customer service to negotiate and solve them.


Due to the repeated login of the IP for the first login, there is no after-sales service for the title. Please remember that you must change the IP + clear the browser cache when you log in in batches, so that your account will be more stable and durable!